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File Splitter

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File Splitter iOS App allows you to split any of your files into chunks & also re-join files into one file!

Really useful if you have big files & wanted to distribute or store them partially without compressing as well as easier to email when you have size limitation set by the server.

This superb App is really easy to use with its simple user interface & also packed with features. With this App you can..

1. Download & import any type of files from the web with its built-in web downloader. These files can then be chopped into chunks as desired!

2. Import photos & videos from your photo library. This function allows you to import uncompressed version of the photos & videos. You will then be able to export those big sized files in chunks as desired!

3. Import & export any supported files through email attachments. This will allow you to split or re-join all the files sent by your friends or yourself.

4. Import & export files to your Dropbox account easily!

5. File manager will allow you to easily rename, delete or preview your files within this App. Note that the preview functions only supports iOS compatible file types though the splitting & joining can be done on any type of files.

6. Through the file manager preview function, you will be able to print or export your files to any other Apps that support the file type via ‘Open In..’ feature (i.e. PDF file can be exported & open in iBooks or our very own PDF Assembler App).

6a. iOS 7 users will enjoy the benefit of sharing files with other users via AirDrop feature!

7. Splitting of files can be done by selecting the chunks size or by just specifying the number of chunks you want & all will be done instantly! Files will then be saved as *.001, *.002, .., etc. (the starting number can be changed as you want!).

8. Joining of files can also be done effortlessly by selecting the files you want from the list & just click SAVE! Note that Join feature supports any kind of files (does not necessarily have to be named in sequence *.001, *.002, etc) as to provide flexibility to users.

We appreciate if user can email us at for any technical issues before putting any comments in the iTunes review column which we have no way to respond. Suggestions for improvements are always welcome.