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PDF Maker is a must have iOS App for creating stunning looking PDF document on-the-go with its WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) features making PDF creation fast, easy & painless. All options are available on the main screen makes operation absolutely simple.

* WYSIWYG acronym is a term used in computing to describe a system in which content (text and graphics) displayed onscreen during editing appears in a form closely corresponding to its appearance when printed or displayed as a finished product. – *Wikipedia

Packed with interactive features which utilize gestures recognizer for easy manipulation of document contents.

Features include:

1. Insert unlimited number of photos from device Photo Library!

2. Photos can be resized, rotated & positioned anywhere into the layout canvas, all by using touch gestures!

3. Insert unlimited number of multi-formatted text into the layout canvas!

4. Text font format can be selected from more than 160 available iOS fonts!, which are also resizable & can be easily changed to any colors instantly!

5. Insert unlimited number of free-hand drawings into the layout canvas. This way, user can draw directly into the layout canvas using finger or any compatible stylus.

6. Drawing brush can be fully customized with different colors & thickness! Moreover, free-hand drawing canvas is also resizable & movable across main layout canvas!

7. PDF background can also be easily changed to any color as desired.

8. SAVE feature will allow user to save the current project. This superb feature will preserve all photos & texts locations & format on the layout canvas which will allow user to continue the work at later stage!

9. SAVE unlimited* number of projects on the device – *limited by user’s device available free memory.

10. LOAD feature will list down all available projects that were created & user can open any project at any time to resume work!

11. PDF generated will be as close as seen on layout canvas during editing – (WYSIWYG feature).

12. Choose PDF output quality from High, Medium or Low (smallest PDF file size).

13. Protect the PDF file with password against opening, printing or content copying.

14. PDF generated will be automatically saved in this App’s iTunes shared folder where user can grab the copy directly via iTunes.

15. User can also directly email the generated PDF within this App as well as printing it via any compatible Air Print printer.

16. Import feature will allow user to import PDF files via email attachment into this App’s folder for viewing – “Open In PDF Maker” feature.

17. All Project & PDF files can be deleted from the device as required through the Project & PDF file list features.

We appreciate if user can email us for any technical issues before putting any comments in the iTunes review column which we have no way to respond. Suggestions for improvements are always welcome.