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Fastest way to convert your photos into high quality PDF or generate thumbnails of all your photos into PDF. Features include:

1. Generate thumbnails of all your photos or selected photos into nicely structured PDF sheets.

2. Select any one of the 4 pre-formatted PDF layout – 50 x 50 px thumbnails (7×9 layout), 80 x 80 px thumbnails (5×6 layout), 100 x 100 px thumbnails (2×4 layout) with or without EXIF data or full size photo on each PDF sheet (1×1 layout) with or without EXIF data.

3. In addition to the above layouts, there is also a special option where you can select a single photo only & input your desired text together with it onto a single PDF sheet.

4. With option 3 above, you can customize your photo by resizing and rotating your photo as desired.

4. Select PDF output quality – high, medium or low.

5. Generated PDFs can be emailed directly within this App.

6. Print your generated PDFs directly via any Air Print compatible printer.

7. Import or Export your PDFs to your Dropbox account instantly.

8. Snap! feature that will directly activate your device camera & Snap & Save captured picture to PDF (auto file name will be the current date & time – can be changed later via File browser view).

7. Grab your PDFs via iTunes through it’s file sharing folder for a fast file transfer. Useful for large sized PDF.

8. Export your PDFs via it’s built-in preview menu where you can select ‘Open In..’ option & export to any other Apps that supports PDF file type such as iBooks or our very own ‘PDF Assembler’ App, etc.. 

9. All PDFs are generated in A4 size with auto-generated page numbers on all sheets.

10. Set password to your PDF file for protection against copying, printing or opening.

11. Define you own file name & the title header for your generated PDFs.

12. File Manager will allow you to rename, delete or preview all generated PDFs as well as exporting & printing your PDFs as explained above.

Access to Photos for PhoTo PDF App should be enabled in the settings in order for this App to access the Photo Library & to extract the photo data.

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