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RePlay is a super fun App that allows you to insert slow motion (slowmo) effect or fast-forward effect within your captured video or any video inside your device Photo Library. RePlay is capable of taking 120fps recording for iOS 7 iPhone 5S users & 60fps recording for iOS 7 iPhone 5 & 5C users thus making slowmo effect more stunning on RePlay!

RePlay offers a very simple user interface for ease of use. User starts by selecting desired video from the Photo Library or choose Record Video to use the built in video recorder.

Once done & video selected, simply choose the required speed adjustment by dragging the slider to the left for slowmo or to the right for fast-forward effect.

User will then have to select the “BEGIN” & “END” time for the effect to take place in the selected video. For this process, user will be presented with a video player where user can Play, Pause, Stop, Forward, Rewind or drag to the desired time frame to set the effect’s beginning & ending time as required.

That’s all you have to do & RePlay App is now ready to process your video! Just touch “Generate Video” & the processing will begin. Wait patiently until it is done! Time taken will depends on the quality & resolution of the video source (RePlay App will maintain the resolution & quality of the video source).

Once done, processed video will be saved in RePlay App’s Document folder where you can also access this folder from iTunes (via iTunes App sharing folder). Within this App, you can select “Preview Videos” to bring up this folder & view your generated video.

Within this view, you can rename, delete & preview generated videos. All videos are presented to show the video name, date created, size of the video & the resolution of the video. In addition to these, via the “Action” button, you can perform lots of other useful tasks such as saving the videos into the camera roll, email, open or export videos in other supported Apps, Dropbox, etc.

With iOS 7, you can easily share your videos instantly with others via AirDrop!

If you would like to embed your created videos on top of one another, try out our Video Mux App available in the App Store –

Notes :

1. To delete any video, swipe your finger to the left or right of the listed video on the list.

2. RePlay App suports both portrait & landscape orientation videos. It also support both orientations for operation.

3. Please ensure you have enough free space in your device before processing any video. Remember to delete unwanted videos from the Apps directory to save some space.

3. The free version will allows you to select & process only the first 3 videos on your device library. Upgrade to full version & you will be able to work on all videos in your photo library.

We urge users who are having technical or operational issues to email us at in order for us to identify & fix the issues. Note that we have no way to respond to comments put in the App Store hence will not be able to solve your issues if not conveyed to us directly. Most of the issues that we encountered with users are just operational issues which can be solved easily by communicating with us directly. Thank you! 

Please email us also for any suggestions, comments or bug reports and kindly spare some time to rate this App & put some comments in the App Store to show your support.

Thank you & Enjoy RePlay App!