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Thumbnail iOS App is a simple but useful App that can be used to build thumbnails from your video files as well as photos from your photo album.

Thumbnail iOS App will extract still photos from your video file & produce a nicely built thumbnail image set of your choice. It allows you to select how many snapshots to capture from the video & the duration between each snapshot will be evenly distributed automatically by Thumbnail iOS App.

From the number of snapshots to capture that you have selected, you can then choose the required layout as desired from the list of all possible layouts. For example, if you select 10 snapshots or thumbnails, the possible layout will be (column x row) 1×10, 2×5, 3×4, 4×3, 5×2, 6×2, 7×2, 8×2, 9×2 or 10×1.

In addition to that, thumbnails extracted from the video file will be printed with time stamps on each one to indicate the snapshot time from the video. This will be useful to show your friends of the short movie in snapshot mode (summary of the movie) that you have recorded or build.

You can also customized your thumbnails or snapshots that the App has extracted automatically based on your thumbnail count selection. Let say that you have chosen 10 thumbnails, & after extracting this, you can go to edit mode & made your custom selection by dragging the unwanted snapshots or thumbnails into the thrash bin. You can then rebuild your thumbnail image set again.

Beside that, you can also select just one snapshot or thumbnail from the video. This way, you can capture the still image in full screen mode & save it as a single photo without alteration. To do this you have to select 1 as the thumbnail count & choose EXTRACT. This will open up a video mode where you can forward / rewind / play the video to the desired frame & press SAVE to capture the photo. Capture as many snapshots as you want using the same method & select DONE to exit the video mode.

All captured photos & thumbnail image set will be automatically saved using the current date & time as the file name. You can change this later via the “My Files” menu.

“My Files” selection will bring up the list of generated image files & presented with small thumbnail preview mode. Filename, date created, size of the image & the resolution of the image are displayed together on this list. You can rename your files here as well as delete (swipe left or right to delete) & preview in full screen mode.

In full screen preview mode, you can do a lot of useful things such as save the image to your camera roll, print to an air print printer, copy, email, share in twitter, share in facebook (iOS 6) or export your photos to any of your favorite App such as Dropbox, Instagram, etc.

Apart from building thumbnails image set or capturing image snapshots from a video, you can also build thumbnails from your photo albums / camera rolls.

This is an easy & fast process where instead of selecting Movie menu, you have to select Photos menu. From the presented photos on the image view, select as many photos as you want & select Done. You can then choose your desired layout & touch Finish to save your thumbnail image set!

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