Video Collage

Video Collage

Video Collage app allows you to collage videos into a single video. Similar to photo collage, you can collage as many videos as you like & arrange & resize them as required in a single video. Video Collage app is a perfect tool if you have recorded videos in different angle or position with multiple devices & wish to create a single video with all angle in. Imagine how cool the final video collage would be!

Video Collage app is really easy to use. You start off by selecting the desired video rotation. Then start inserting the videos into the workspace one by one. In the workspace, just drag the video around to position it. You can use 2-finger panning to resize each video accordingly. Touch the ‘speaker’ button to toggle between on & off (whether to include or not the video’s original sound with the final collage video). You can also change the background colour of the final collage video to your desired colour.

Once all done, just select the ‘tick green’ button & all will be done & saved to the app’s folder. Use the ‘my videos’ view to check your video collage collections. From there, you can delete unwanted collage videos & preview the collage videos. To save any video into the device’s photo library, you can do it while previewing the collage video & touch the ‘save’ button from there.

So why having just a photo collage while you can create a super cool video collage?? Download Video Collage app now & start creating & sharing those nice videos of yours!