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VideoDub iOS App enables you to insert multiple audios into your videos or in other words called dubbing or voiceover. With its simple & user friendly interface, dubbing process into your videos will be effortless.

VideoDub iOS App comes with the following features: 

* Perform live recording or dubbing while previewing the original video. This will ease the dub process & ensure your voice are sync to the video timing especially when you are doing a voice over type recording.
* Choose & insert pre-sampled audio effects that comes with VideoDub App.
* Easy drag & insert feature so you can just drag the preview selector to the required time-frame of your video to insert the audio.
* Preview all audios before saving to the video. This will be presented in timeline format so you can easily review & delete any unwanted audio.
* Choose whether to include or remove the original audio from the video files.
* Video with dubbed audio will be saved with your selected filename in the App directory. From here you can preview, rename or delete the produced video with dubbed audio. 
* When in video preview mode, you can save your new video to your device photo library. You can also export the videos via email, message, facebook or any other installed App that have video support such as Dropbox, HEX Editor, etc. 
* Share you dubbed videos directly with others via AirDrop feature. 

1. Free version will allow you to use only your first 3 videos in your photo library. Please upgrade to the full version in order to unlock all of your videos. 

2. Free version will only allow you to add 2 audio in your video in a session. Please upgrade to the full version in order to insert unlimited number of audios in your videos. 

3. Please email us at for any comments, suggestion or bug reports. We appreciate your response & rating in the App Store to show your support. 

4. Please contact us directly for any technical issues or difficulties rather than writing it in comments section in the App Store as we have no way to respond to the comments made there.