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Malaysia Postcode Finder

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Malaysia Postcode Finder is a handy App that allows you to find a letter postal code or postcode of a place anywhere in Malaysia. With its fast search feature, finding any postcode will be effortless.

Search feature supports 4 options:-

1. Place search – this will search the place using the keyword you entered. All possible results will be listed for you to verify. You can enter just parts of the place name for example “jalan bukit” & all possible matches will be listed such as “jalan tiga bukit”, “jalan bukit merah”, etc., together with other details of town & state.

2. Town search – if you want to browse the postcodes of the places on any town in Malaysia, this is the option that you have to choose. Similarly, you can enter just the parts of the town name if you want to see broader results.

3. Postcode search – this is the reverse of option 1 & 2 where you can verify any postcode that you have & check which places this postcode belongs to.

4. Map search – this is a superb option where you can get the postcode of any place in Malaysia by pointing at the map only! To use this feature, touch on the map tab. Move around the map to locate your place of interest or you can touch the “MyLocation” icon which will automatically locate your current location. Do a long press (2 seconds) on the area of the map & list of all possible matches will appear.

For option 1, 2 & 3, on each result, you can touch the map icon on the right side of the list which will bring up the map & show the possible location of the place on the map. This is useful as you can verify the location that you have searched to be correct or not.


1. The location & place on the map might not be correct or could not be located due to unavailability / incompleteness of the data & also due to the differences between the English & Bahasa Malaysia terms used on the map.

2. Map feature requires network connection for loading the map as well as translating the Geocode information.

3. We are not affiliated with Pos Malaysia or any other related organisations or government organisations. These information are provided as it is & purely for assisting users only. Any comments or suggestions kindly send to or visit our web page at for more information & other useful iOS apps & games.