Hungry Dood

Hungry Dood

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Hungry Dood is a super fun game where you have to interact with the device’s camera while playing. The objective is simple, grab as much food as possible using your own mouth!! What?! To achieve this, you need to position your mouth at the food that appears randomly on your device screen in order to score!

Sounds easy right? To make things little bit more challenging, the food will disappear after a while, if you did not manage to eat it & a new one will appears somewhere else on the screen! You need to make sure that your whole face is visible within the screen while playing as the camera can only detects your mouth if your full face is visible. But don’t worry, the game will alarm you if no face is detected within the game view.

Hungry Dood is divided into 2 Levels; Buffet Level & A La Carte Level. In Buffet Level, you have to eat as much as you can within the given time frame. Any successful feed will grant you additional time & the time reward will be based on the food that you ate. Bonus of 1s for a Donut & Croissant, 2s bonus for Chocolate & 3s bonus for a Cake. So eat quick & be picky of what you grab first on the screen!

In A La Carte Level, you have to eat until you are full as indicated by the stomach on the screen. You need to achieve the lowest time to win. Cake will give you more points than the Chocolate and Chocolate is more than the Donut & Croissant. So similarly, eat quick & be picky of what you grab first on the screen!

Highest score will be recorded locally for both levels & this game is also integrated with the Game Centre so you can prove to the world that you are the Hungry Dood Champ!!

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So let’s go & start eating to become the Hungry Dood Champ!!