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Selfie King

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Selfie King is a super fun Selfie game where you have to prove that you are the fastest & most superb Selfie champ. Selfie King game is divided into two categories where you have to race against the time (take as much Selfies as possible within the given time) or take the fastest Selfies (achieve lowest time to take specified number of Selfies).

Sounds easy right? Well, it is not just that! You have to position your face inside the randomly appeared box on your device screen in order to achieve a Selfie point. Note that you have to position your face at just the right position – not too inside or too outside the box. Once the right position achieved, you will automatically achieved a Selfie! Just do some practices & you will know the right position as this will depends on your face shape & features.

For this, a Training Area is provided for you where you can see how the device is detecting your face features. From there you can familiarise with the right position to pose for Selfies during Game mode as there will be a placeholder image on top of your detected face that can be used as a guide. This placeholder will not be visible during Game mode.

Tips : Always start by locating your chin to the bottom line of the box & your ears to the two side lines of the box. Then, move forward or backwards as required while maintaining the bottom & the two sidelines as near as possible to your chin & ears to get the right position.

Imagine the fun & craziness while trying to achieve Selfies moving from small box to big box and vice versa on random locations of the screen!

To add more madness & enjoyment to Selfie King, three levels are offered. 1st Level is Just Selfie – this is the easiest where you only have to fit your cute face inside the box as required to achieve a Selfie score.

2nd Level is Smiley Selfie – in this level you have to mimic or follow the cartoon character that appears on the screen whether to smile or not to smile while taking a Selfie. A Selfie score will be granted only if you mimic the cartoon.

3rd Level is Crazy Selfie – in this level you have to mimic additional face features that the cartoon shows! These will include smiling, not smiling, opening & closing of your left or right or both eyes!! A Selfie score will be granted only on successful mimic. Imagine the faces of your Selfies!!

Selfie King will record all your successful Selfie & will be available at Game end. You can save the funny snapshots to the Photo Library & share it with your friends! You can also share your superb Selfie score via Facebook, Twitter or Weibo & challenge your friends.

Selfie King is also listed in the Game Center where you can see other peoples score & prove that you are the World Selfie champ in all levels!!

So what are you waiting for ??!! Go ahead & download Selfie King game & prove to the world that you are truly a Selfie champ!!