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Find the words & Zap-It! Word Zap! is not just an ordinary word search game. It is full of fun, excitement & entertainment! Word Zap! will definitely makes you addicted to word zapping because..

With it’s massive words data that contains more than 25,000 words, every single puzzle that you play will almost certainly contains new words & in addition, all of the word placements are done randomly as well. These means every single game is a new game, full of endless surprises!

Word Zap! is not only about word search, it is also a challenge to prove your swiping precision & accuracy on the device! The higher the level, the better precision & accuracy is required!

With it’s multi-level feature, you can select which level you want to play based on difficulties, which makes Word Zap! suitable for the whole family from the young ones to the eldest. Play against each other through Game Center which supports Match invite feature! It will surely bring endless fun & entertainment for the whole family.

With it’s integrated Game Center feature, high scores are kept & updated every time you finished a game online. Track your overall progress with Word Zap! cumulative score features, which shows your cumulative all-time “words solved” score & also “letters solved” score. Fastest & Top Word Zappers for each levels are also tracked!

With it’s multi-player feature via the Game Center, play a battle match with other player & see who is the fastest zapper! Matchmaking also supports match invite which means you can invite your friends to a one-to-one match battle. Be a winner & track your cumulative winning battle progress! Both players will be solving an equal word search puzzle to ensure a full fair battle.

Earn special achievements & enter the Word Zap! Hall of Fame by accumulation of “words score” & winning match battle! Prove your friends that you are the Word Zap! GOD!

Local High Scores are also kept in your device. This feature is always available regardless if you are offline or not. Note that this local High Score table is independently managed by the game & not synchronised to the Game Center.

Have Fun Zapping!

If you think that this is not enough & are you ready for a bigger challenge? Then you should add Word Zap! Ultimate for iPad in your game collection. Bigger screen means bigger puzzle, more challenging levels & definitely will bring endless excitement & fun for the whole family.

** We appreciate if the user can contact us first at info@push.my for any issue or clarification before putting any comments in the App Store comments column which we have no way to respond. Your suggestions, comments & bug reports are always welcome. Thank you for supporting us! **